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Gag me with a spoon!

So like yeah, I turned into this like valley girl and this is like where like all my like stuff I hate is gonna be ya know? I wanna start off by like saying, HI ASHLEY! Omigosh. I can't believe I actually like have a like rant page! That is like so like unbelievably last like season. Uhh! So anyways, I went to like this website, ya know? And it was like soooooooo colorful! I mean like no way, you like have to like believe me. It was like magenta. I mean like uhh! Pshaw, no way.

Anyways, let's see. I don't like appreciate when people like make fun of me. Uhhh! I mean losers! They don't have a clue. Pshaw. They like make fun of me because I like say like too much. I mean no way, that is like sooooo unbelievably not like true!

I was afraid of like putting like too much because I thought it would like make people like press the back button! Ugh like no way, for sure you guys will keep on reading right? Okay, things I like don't appreciate (whatever! that is like so not the right word):

1. AOL (as if! AOL boots me like off all the time when I'm in the fashion chat room! Omigosh did you see )

2. Scratchy clothes (but like omigosh you so do not know about this cute little saran wrap jacket I got! NO WAY! You think that's like not in style? Loser!)

3. People who make faces at me (ugh, whatever.)

4. Sunday night television (like no selection. When I was like shopping I saw this shirt and like omigosh...)

5. Getting sick (EWW!)

6. wet shoes (like um no. you are like so grotty. Uhh..)

7. Ross' bag check (like whatever! I would like never shop at Ross, it's like so one mile away from the like mall!)

8. Weight lifting (EWW! That like makes you sick!)

9. The color "camel" (um excuse me! That's like this winter's color line. Pshaw! Loser!)

10. hypocrites (um so I like hate shrimp I will never eat shrimp, eww. ...oh you like shrimp!? I like love shrimp too!)

And some more I can't think of. So like yeah. Barf me out! I would like never ever like ever eat garlic bread in front of a guy! AS IF!