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Mink Perfection
We went downtown yesterday
I tried to talk to her like a friend
But all the "admiration" of others
had pulled her away from me

She seemed so sophisticated in her staletto heels
In her crushed velvet dress.
She wasn't though.
It was just a costume
I had seen her when she was real
She didn't walk around calling herself beautiful
And act as if I was an innocent child
That didn't know anything

I wished for that now.
Knowing she would never walk onto busses and sing
Or lay down on the grass and smile
I stood on the pavement with my head low
Wishing I could cry

She is my best friend
But I know best friends aren't supposed to hurt you
and act as if you are so below them

And I followed her to the bus
She sat with perfect posture
Not moving

I fiddled my fingers.
Cracked white nailpolish
beside her ruby red perfection

If felt as if she was cringing as far away as she could
Like I was a wasp
I'm not
I'm just a friend in need

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