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10 makeup items to miss

1) wet 'n' wild lipstick
2) red eyeshadow
3) really expensive eyeshadow (it's NOT worth it)
4) yellow lipstick
5) mascara that claims to be very very thickening (it's yucky!)
6) green lipstick
7) orange-red lipstick
8) big eyepencils
9) Cheap mascara
10) stick concealer

Bonjour! Velcome to the Makeup ward. I am struggling to get le Tripod you Here you will find some nice links and tips that I myself have written out. Learn how to jazz up your eyes and stru with lipstick!

The 3 makeup looks, you will be sure to find the one you like.

Your colors- Find out what colors look best on you.

Many ways to make up your eyes. I will show you some. (under construction)

Shimmery sparkle.....wonderful ways to glisten

The 3 basic makeup looks

"Light is lovely"

I personally don't wear this one often (I guess I am just too uncomfortable with it) but I know many people who do and it looks ravishing on them! Here is how it is done, dears.

1. Get out your concealer and blot where all those ucky blemishes are. Make sure you have a good sponge on the end, and that the concealer is your color. For your look, it's best that you keep the concealer very light. Don't cover up every single red area to the maximum much.

2. Brush your face with unpressed powder to get rid of some of that icky shine and blend in concealer.

*3. This is optional, but you can curl your eyelashes to open up your eyes more. You can also put on a very light white or cream eyeshadow just below your eyelashes. It's not noticeable at all, but REALLY makes your eyes stand out.

4. Brush a light brown or other light color over your lid. Make sure the eyeliner/skin line is not noticeable, or else you put on too dark of color to not smudge. So smudge!

5. Mascara. I like to use the medium thickness, but you can use any kind you want. My favorite is Almay One-Coat. Brush one layer over the top and bottom.

"Noticeable but Clean"

This is the one I use the most often, I wear it every day :). It gives you a noticeable makeup look, but keeps it clean and not gooey and gnappy like dark makeup.

1. Dab concealer over the troublesome blemishes. Make sure the concealer has a good sponge and is your color. Also, don't use too much. It gets gross!

2. Use your pressed powder as a foundation and put all over your nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. I like the inexpensive brands like Covergirl and Maybelline, but you can use whichever you like. If you have dry flaky skin, skip this one or get something specially formulated for it.

3. Get out your eyeliner. I use Wet 'n' Wild because of the funkedelic colors they have, but you can use what you want. Put it on like a wedge its on the top and bottom half of your eyes. Don't go all around your eyes, do it half way across. Make the bottom thinner than the top and smudge just a bit. MAKE SURE that the wedge is not too far away from your eye and also that you smudge the ends. You might not even need to do the bottom because of mascara.

4. Brush a shimmery brown, green, or purple over your lid. You might want to put a very light white or cream under your eybrow to make your eyes seem more noticeable. This really works because it opens up your eyes, kind of like curling your eyelashes.

5. Curl your eyelashes, and then sweep some medium thickness mascara over the top and bottom. Get out all the blobs, because they either plop out on your skin, or they crust over (eww.)

"Bold and Beautiful"

I don't use this one very often, only on nights out or rainy days at the mall. It works well for some faces, and others not as much.

1. Dot concealer on all blemishes. Make sure your concealer has a good sponge and is the right color for you.

2. Use foundation and/or powder on shine and red spots. It looks best if you use it in your T-zone and the apples of your cheeks.

3. Draw with black pencil or liquid eyeliner. It must be fairly thin and very close to the eye to keep it looking good. You may decide to smudge it a little or a lot.

4. Get out a darker color for the inner lid. I like green and dark blue for mine. Dark brown also works well. Fade it as you get near to the middle of the lid.

5. Curl your eyelashes and put two coats of medium thickness, get rid of all blobbies (eewww!)

6. I don't usually wear lipstick, but for this look, either accentuate the lips or the eyes, not both. If you want to wear lipstick, make it your color.

Find your colors
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Shimmer and sparkle

I don't know about you, but whenever I hear the work sparkle, i picture little pieces of glitter. ooh wow..shiver. I love being sparkly, and every chance I get, I grab a tub of glitter and go at it. Hee hee. Glitter is one of the only ways of achieving the "Shimmer Queen" affect. You can also use shimmery eyeshadow, which comes in all sorts of colors. Here are some other options.

$ Get a tub that is separated into different colors so you can mix and match. I have seen this at contempo and it costs about six dollars.
Ashley says, you can use school glitter anywhere to jazz things up, but beware, it might fall off and get in weird places
$Shimmery eyeshadow from covergirl or maybelline (my fave brands).
$Just a smackedy regular tub, now comes in all sorts of brands and shades. Retail: about $4

Ways to sparkle: Apply purple shimmers to your lid and fade off as you come to your eyebrow
Get a tub of iridescent glitter and apply to the sides of your eyes
Apply gold glitter to your lips
Shimmery lipstick is in right now, but some colors don't look good. Get a nice brown or purple. Sample before buying.
If you are wearing a tanktop, try applying a clearish white or silver to your chest.
Don't wear red or other dark colors on your face. It looks very bad, like you have lots of specks of dirt all over.

Now that I have said all this, I hope you lovelies go out and buy a tub of wonderful glitter! It's an essential glamour maker!