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Beeelow I have a list of the categories that separate my links. I hope you find some neat and useful ones! Chow down on great information.

ArielStarry links-create a natal chart, find out what a "moon sign" is, learn about astrology!
Ozzy links- more inside info, lyrics, buy some ruby slippers, and communicate with other Oz fans.
Homepage links-get to know some of my friends and learn some interesting stuff while you're at it.
Purty links-jazz up those eyes, learn how to conceal, and so much more!
Hip hoppin fun links- send cards to friends, take some personality tests, and much more as I drag myself around the web.
Ponder links-links to get info, find out what people are searching for right this minoot, and more interesting stuff.
Clip art links- have you seen some of the wonderful pictures on my site? Well I got them at these places!

Starry links

Mind, Body, Soul Contents- Astrology, dream interpretation, lots of quizzes
Note: You need to register, but it's free
Rating: 4 nods

Astrology Signs, houses, planets and more
Contents- create your own natal chart, learn about the signs. Takes a little more work than other sites to create a natal chart, but you learn a lot more. Enjoy!
Rating: 4 1/2 nods

Astrology Basics
Contents: If you need to know about planets, aspects, or anything like that, this is the place to go
Rating: 3 nods

Contents- this site offers a lot of natal charts that come up right there after you enter your date of birth. Check it out, but it requires a password.
Rating- 4 nods

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Ozzy links

Hollywood legends-Wizard of Oz
Contents: a good summary (for all those who MISSED out!) and list of characters
Rating:3 nods

MGM-Wizard of Oz
Contents:not too great, list of characters, preeeety technical
Rating: 1 nod

A sentimental journey down the yellow brick road
Contents: Info on the late Ray Bolger, and some info on the characters.
Rating: 3 nods

Oz Faq
Contents: very plain, so I didn't read all of it. I bet it has some good information
Rating: 1 nod

The International Wizard of Oz club
Contents: Oz conventions, calenders, and everything for the "hardcore Oz fan"
Rating: 2 nods

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Homepage Links

The Ashley Chronicles
Contents: Ooh la la, this site is too hot to trot! Beauty, Jokes, web rings, awards and so much more!
Rating: 4 and 1/2 nods

The split in the Road Contents: A beauty, very creative. Goes through many artsy little areas while following a story.
Rating: 3 1/2 nods

Juliana's page
Contents: entertainment, beauty, links....
Rating: 3 nods

Angel's page
Contents: A very sweet and loveable page. Visiting this page will get hugs!
Rating: 4 nods

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Purty links

Fun fun fun Links!

Hollywood Jem, a site all about her

The Cheese factory-a site sure to tickle your funny bone!

Ponder Links

Here are the links that will make you think and the ones that are just too darn interesting to pass up!
Have you ever wondered what the other people on this wide vast internet plain are searching for? Be amused for hourse (well..heh..maybe a few minutes) at the
Voyeur site. Updated every 15 seconds!
Not interested in just that?

Well then stop by Alexa. Here you will find a site that analyzes your surfing habits and recommends pages that will suit your needs. Are you tired of those silly "404-Not found" messages? View any page on the web with it's 8 tera-byte archive of the web. WOW!
Still not satisfied?
The Alta Vista Translation Service will translate almost anything to another language, such as Spanish, French, Portugeuse, Italian, and others I can't think of right now.

Clip art Links