The Hair Ward

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Hair help is on the way at the hair ward of the Beautyville Hospital. As you walk down the halls, look at the different areas of the ward.

Prevention will help you out with those mornings that you don't know how to style your hair.

The Maintenance Room is where all the bottles that will cure your ills are. The clerk there will show you which is right for your hair.

Clips and rubberband cafeteria will have you feast your eyes on the greatest hair accessories known to girlkind.

Welcome to Prevention. Our services are designed to help you out with days that you just don't know what to do with your hair. We want to prevent a bad hair day. There are several instruction manuals on styles for your hair. Feel free to browse around.


This style works perfectly if you just washed your hair last night and its pooooofy or if you (eek!) haven't washed it for a few days. The finishing look looks like two mini slop knots just under your ears, and it looks mahvelous.

1. Part your hair in the middle. It doesn't have to be perfect.

2. Take two ponytail holders and begin to make two pigtails just below your ears. Right when you would finish the ponytail holder and let go, don't pull the hair all the way through. Whalla!

*put globe balls over the pony tail holders
*put ribbons over pony tail holders
*plastic cookie bags for the brave
*flowers elastics from 6th grade!


These look a lot like the slop know pigtails, but I like them better. They give you a very "dainty" look, and don't fall out very easily. Also vey good for those days when your hair is less than "perfect" Here's how to do it:

1. Part you hair in the middle and get out your ponytail holders. I would recommend that before you start anything, seperate the two sides and put the one not used in a pigtail to get it out of the way.

2. Braid the one your using just like you were going to have braided pigtails. Hold on tight!. Fold it in half vertically so the ends of your hair face the back.

3. Stretch a ponytail holder over the entire fold and twist a few times. Be careful that you don't mess up.

4. There you go! Just repeat for the other side.

*globe balls
*fake cat ears
*scarves as head bands.


Yes Dorothy, this is the place to learn how to do these wonderful things correctly. We doctors and nurses at the clothes ward don't advise that you french braid your pig tails.

1. Part your hair in the middle. Simple enough.

2. Gather one side and seperate in three. Make sure there are no lumps or knots when you are braiding your hair, and be careful for stray hairs. Braid.

3. If there is a hair that you think is going to fall out at the bottom, then put the pony tail holder above it, and continue on the other side.

Variations: * Ribbon braided into the braids.
* Neato lookin clips at the front of part


Rethink your grandma's shawl or the wrap around the neck, there are so many other ways to wear scarves that you might not have heard of.

Scarve as headband:
This works best with a sheer or sparkly scarf for me. I like the way it hangs down in the back :). But you can use any scarve. Fold it if it is kind of stif into a little line, and then wrap it around your head and tie it in a knot in the back. Ooh la la!

Scarf as necklace:
The age old thank. Rethink it though, because it looks cool! (just don't let the back be sucked into anything.). Any color, any texture.

Scarf as bonnet
If it's a hot/cold day, and you just need some shelter, this is a really cute way to do it. If the scarf is square, fold it in half, if it's square, well...find a way. Then wrap it around your head and knot in the back.

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I'm so glad you stepped in here to the Maintainence Room. This is where I, the Janitor, store all the bottles to cure your ills. Here is a list of the places located in the Maintainence Room!

"Which bottle is right for you?" on my bookshelf

Hair problems and solutions at the desk.

Which bottle is right for me?

There are soooo many different kinds of hair goo out there. Just Vidal Sassoon has like 10 different levels of conditioning. So what are you going to do? Try each one out and see which works best as your hair goes limp and then disco? probably not. Here at the Maintainence Room, we handle these things a different way. Why don't you take a look.

If you have:

1. Dry hair and/or lack luster, try a "conditioning shampoo." It will add shine and moisturize. Don't pick a shampoo that has too much detergent and strips away the natural oils in your hair. I have found that "Clairol's Herbal Essences" smells nice, but strips away everything in my hair, also "White Rain"

Also: Take your scalp into account. If it is oily, use two different formulas : one for your scalp, and one for your hairís length and ends.

2. Very fine, thin hair, try "baby shampoo." It has a low detergent formula that offers super gentle cleansing.

3.Color-treated and/or permed hair, try color treated and permed formulations. They contain proteins and low PH ingredients that counter the effects of chemical processing, and help to keep the color from fading quickly.

4. Dandruff, try an antidandruff shampoo to help control dandruff. (discontinue use when condition improves) Such as:
1. For mild: Head and Shoulders
2. For worse: Denorex or one of those other yicky tar shampoos
DO NOT use shampoos that are too moisture-filled, or are detergenty.

5. Brittle/frizzy hair, try a "moisturizing shampoo." It contains moisturizers and other smoothening, softening ingredients. Don't pick a detergent shampoo such as White Rain and Herbal Essences. If it says "Moisturizing" or "Conditioning," it's most likely for you.

6. Thin, limp hair, try "body-building shampoos." Made with protein and other ingredients that coat hairs, adding width and manageability.

Woes and Solutions

Oh no! Frizzies and fly aways! Well, sometimes I let my hair just...go, and I know that it looks bad, but I don't mind. I found these tips in the magazine "Woman's World." It was a great page, and I used some of these tips. Here they are for you.

Problem:Dry Hair Comb 1 Tablespoon whole mayonnaise throught hair; leave on for15 minutes and then wash out. Rich in proteins and fatty acids, mayonnaise's natural emollients replenish lost moisture and lock in softness.

Problem:Frizzies or Split ends Before shampooing, use a clean 1 inchh wide paintbrush to coat ends of hair with 1/2 cup olive oil, leave on for 15 minutes, and then shampoo out as usual. You don't need to use the paintbrush or the measuring cups (at least i didn't ::evil grin:::). Just make sure you don't glob it on or put it anywhere near your scalp or else you will be very oily and ggrrross.

Problem: Limp hair Apply Voluminizer to give hair body that lasts. Skip all gel, mousse or hairspray routines. I didn't try this one, and I don't even know what Voluminizer is!

Problem: Dry, Flaky scalp Carefully puncture a 400 IU (huh?) vitamin E capsule into scalp around affected area. Allow to penetrate scalp 15 minutes then comb or style hair as usual.

Problem:Lack luster hair To compensate for reduced exposure to the brightening effects of the sun, use a "color-enchancing" shampoo formulated for your hair color. These shampoos contain mild vegetable dyes that add vibrance and loveliness to your hair. (What you can also do is get an after wash spray. They are liquidy and come in silver bottles. You put them in after you shower, and they come out next time you get your hair wet.)

Problem:Lackluster hair I have no idea if this one makes a difference, but after you shampoo your hair, try using distilled water to rinse instead of tap water.

Problem: Split ends Trim your hair every 6 weeks to eliminate these nasty little things!

And remember:
Don't use shampoos with too much detergent.
Hot styling appliances can rob hair of moisture
Rinse hair with water in the same direction as the cuticle--that is, from the roots to the ends. Never bend over in the shower to rinse
Brush haid before bed with a natural bristle bursh to remove product buildup and to distribute hair's natural oils. Don't overdo it, brush only until all tangles are removed.
Massage scalp nightly to boost circulatoin. Another benefit: massaging scalp does for hair what exfoliating does for skin. It encourages the natural process of hair fall out to reveal new, healthy strands.

Clips and Rubberbands Cafeteria

Ahoy! It be a person who wants CLIPS for lunch! Well you've come to the right place. Here Harriet, the launchlady, will show you all kinds of different hair accessories to brighten your hair up on even the doldrummiest of days. Hey, I don't have much here yet, but I soon will. If you have any suggestions,
E-mail me.

All kinds of hair accessories!

What kinds of Accessories go in my hair?(under construction as we sleep)

Emily's opinions on what doesn't look good

New Hair Accessories to live for

Some of these lovelies you might not have heard of before, but I have beckoned to you to find out. Without some spice, your black rubberband and bobby pin world would be...well...dull. Keep in mind that even though you might not wear these gidgets, they still are interesting and easy to make or buy.

RAGS- Try these cool cattish things out in your hair, just cut strips of cool fabric and then tie them around your pigtails, I have some striped ones and they are too darn cool.

Globe Balls- you might have worn these classics as a tot, and perhaps even last year while they were in "style," but here at Radiant, there is no seasonal rules (except wear your jacket when it's cold), and so you can wear these things any time you like. They usually have little clear globe-like balls attached to a rubberband, The rubberband is attached to itself in the middle so the globes are separate. You attach it so one of the globes connects under the other one so it looks like two cherries when it's attached to your pigtails. Get them at your drug store in a big package with lots of colors.

Snap-clips- these things are amazing! I used to hold back my growing out bangs in them, and they were so easy to use. Sometimes they are a bit expensive when you get them in packages of three pairs from "Goody," but you can play it up and just get some plain silver ones and paint them with nail polish like sparkly and red. You can wear them with almost any hairstyle too! Wonder!

SCARVES- oh mahvelous things, dahling! I swear by scarves, think about all the different styles and colors, textures and sizes there are. If the scarf you have in mind is sheer and not bulky, you can wear it as a headband, just roll it up and tie it in the back. I have a really nice sparkly scarf that I absolutely love to life. You can wear them so that it's more retro and you fold it into a triangle and tie the two ends in the back. What about a nice southern belle look so that you tie the two ends together in the front? many possibilities.

Accessories for Everyone's hair type!

Is there a reason why those humongo clips won't go in your baby fine hair? Maybe so, and here you shall find out. There are reasons for this, baby fine hair is smooth and so big accessories tend to fall out of it. With this table, you will be able to see which kinds of hair accessories go in your hair. I am not telling you to do this, but as said before, why would you come to this link if your weren't hankering to know?

Hair Type Clip*Type Rubberbands Ribbons/Rags Headbands Other possibilities
Fine miniature snap clips, good gripping bobby pins, Small, thin padded rubberbands, globe balls for pigtails short and thin ribbons, rags only for regular pigtails tortoise shell plastic, thin scarves, any color thin type multi colored string, no big scrunchies
Medium thickness and texture medium size, metal or plastic snaps. Almost any sort of clip any kind of rubberband, preferably strong and stretchy long ribbons, bright colors, rags are acceptable scarves, and thin plastic or metal headbands ribbons as 3rd strand in braids, many braids
Thick medium to big clips to hold your hair back. stretchy and strong rubberbands that are padded ribbons and rags in pigtails long scarves as headbands, medium thickness plastic don't let your hair get frizzy!

Emily's opinions on hair accessories

     I am here now to tell you what I think of accessories and what doesn' t look good. This is just my opinion, and it's a bit weighed down because I am judging what I use and what I've seen. I don't know what it's like to live in Maine and be using hair accessories, so if you really want to tell me that, then do it . I have an idea what you might do it Maine, and that is stick a nice beanie on your head and wait for frizzies on the top of your head. Here in California it's a bit different.

     I like to use clips in my hair, but I only use them very plainly. I don't like to dress my hair so much so that it looks like a Christmas tree (sometimes it happens though!). I got some new sparkly clips for Christmas, and they are the metal snap kind. They must've cost some moola, so what you might feel like doing is just painting your plain metal ones with cool colors. (red and sparkles red and sparkles!).

Rubberbands are essential for me. My hair doesn't always behave the way I want, so it's nice to be able to pull it back in a ponytail or slopknot sometimes when it's frizzy weather. I tend to use them creatively, with pigtails that are half up/half down, slop pigtails, and braid fold pigtails. What I don't like with rubberbands is gel. I don't like gel period and I think it should be recycled into shoe polish. I've seen some people use gel so their head looks like you could dance on it, and it starts cracking in the middle of the day. Rubberbands and gel are not a good mix. Pleaaase refrain from using the Dep!

     I love scarves to death! They are the 300th wonder of the world. I have a big box of them, but mainly for my hair I only use the foldable, sheer ones. I don't like it when people try to use coarse, unfoldable scarves in their hair, it's just too big of a lump.

     Ribbons and rags are great too, especially rags in your pigtails..for the hillbilly seriously, they are cool. I don't like ribbons in ponytails, however...

That's all for now....

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