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Dan's poems

Here is a collection of Dan Upshaw's poems. Thanks Dan!

That Which Is...

That which is,
Never had to be.
That which is,
Never was.
That which is
Never, ever seen by thee
Is only never seen because

Time is fleeting
What is has just changed
Appearances don't mean a thing
Yet that which is is never strange

That which is,
Didn't get here through fate.
That which is,
Is only you.
That which is
Can only be changed by what we do.

Because time is fleeting
What was isn't now
Sweet instances and memories are all bring
On this journey of whos and whats and hows.

That which is,
Is a product of everything that was.
That which is,
Is the bullet train of time.
That which is
Truth was very certain...a second ago?


And you are?
Oh, I don't care.
Are you still here?
I've got to be somewhere.
Good morning?
Whatever THAT means.
Why aren't you me?
Your differences are turning me green.
What the HECK...!?