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Your Unique Colors
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Have you ever wondered why that pink lipstick never looked good on you? Or maybe why that concealer "was" your color but looked orange? Well I am here to tell you what your colors are and how to get started on the right makeup instead of things that don't look good on you. I got this stuff out of a book called Color me beautiful, and if you are interested in a really good adventure on what types of clothes, colors, and styles fits you, this is the place. E-mail me if you want to know more. I took the some stuff out of the makeup section of this text, so you will be thoroughly informed.

Step 1: Your color history

>Select the group of colors that you feel is most flattering to you, in general in your makeup. You will intuitively know which is best for you. Ask yourself "Which group is best?" or if you prefer "Which have I gotten the most compliments on in my life?"


Navy Soft Blues
Black Rosy Brown
white rose pink
red plum
gray lavender


Dark Brown Golden Brown
Beige Peachy pink
orange peach
Gold Soft blues
Moss green golden yellow
Now then, after you have chosen which one(s), click on which season you've chosen below to be taken to a place where you can learn which makeup colors are best for you! Can't decide? Click


If you can't decide which season you look best in, you have a couple options. The thing you can do, is to go back up there and choose two that you feel are best. This is because when you click the colored buttons, it takes you to a place that helps you make sure you are that season.

The second step:

If you're deciding between

Winter and Autumn, ask: Am I better in navy, pure white, and just generally "sharper," "clearer" colors (winter), or brown, pumpkin, and gold (Autumn)? Be careful, some brown-eyed Winters think they are Autumns. Brown is boring on a winter, exciting on an Autumn. Ask your friends if you can't decide
Winter and Summer, ask: Do I look good in pastels, like powder pink, lavender, and powder blue (summer), or do I need darker or brighter colors because pastels make me look washed out (winter)?
Winter and Spring, ask: Am I really terrific in ivory and golden browns (Spring), or am I better in navy, pure white, and darker colors (Winter)?
Summer and Autumn, ask: Am I great in pastel blues and pinks, but not good in pumpkin and brown(Summer), or is it the other way around (Autumn)?
Summer and Spring, ask:Which do I wear better, buff, yellowish green, peachy pinks, and golden browns (Spring), or blue-greens, blue-pinks, and burgundy (Summer)?
Spring and Autumn, ask:Can I wear muted colors like orange and moss green or very dark brown (Autumn), or am I better in clear colors like soft blue, light gold, peach, and golden brown (Spring). If neither seems right try Summer.

Now then, here we are at the buttons. Click on your chosen season



>Ahh, flowers and pink. You are a spring, and spring has wonderful colors that are subtle and pretty. But to make sure you are a spring, we must attempt to analyze. Here are the "mosts" for you to examine.

Most springs have a golden undertone. If you don't know what that means, it's more like creamy ivory, peachy pink, or peachy beige. Some springs have freckles, and others have skin that's as clear as glass, either way they are most likely to have rosy cheeks.

Spring's hair is golden blonde, strawberry, red, or golden brown. Ash-tone hair is not spring. Their hair often darkens with age.

Their eyes are usually blue, green, or aqua. Some have very clear eyes, and others have a golden cluster surrounding the pupil.
--- ---- ------
Now then, are you sure you are a spring?


Brr! It's winter for you gals. I must add in, that I am a winter! YAAAY. Winters need the bold, straight colors. There are more Winters in the world than any other skin type! Well, here we go for the "mosts."

Winters do not have a pink undertone in their skin. This means that their cheeks are not usually pink, and they have a "blue" undertone. Most have beige skin, ranging from light to dark.

Most winters have dark hair, even though some might have been white-blond at birth. Brunette winters have hair color ranging from light brown to dark charcoal brown. There are not many blonde winters.

The Winter's eyes are most often a deep color. They may be red brown, brown, hazel, gray. The blue or green eyed Winter often has white flecks in the iris.

Are you sure you are a winter?


Look at all those leaves! Brown and red, purple and orange! Look, and you are a winter. Let's check to see if you really are.

Look for the golden undertone. They have seemingly orangish skin, rather than the blue of a winter or pink of a spring. Many Autumns are pale or sallow and especially need a rouge to come alive.

Autumn can be golden blonde as a child, usually darkening as she matures. Many have red or brown hair. The brown hair usually has a gold or metallic red cast.

Most have brown or green eyes. Their brown eyes are dark to topaz, and their green eyes often sport gold or brown flecks in the iris.

Are you sure you are an Autumn?


Pools and flowers, yay. Here you are, at Summerville. We are looking to find your color. Look at these "mosts" and see if you are truly a summer.

Summers are cool, and so they have a bluish undertone. Summers have visual pink in their skin. Some are very fair and had blond hair when they were born which turns to light brown as they mature. Others have very pink skin, with high color. They may be sallow on their arms, but pink in the cheeks.

As a child, summer is most often blond. As she matures, her hair darkens to a "mousy" color. A summer woman truly benefits from wearing her colors, it makes her face light up.

Summers have blue, green, aqua, or soft hazel eyes. Summer eyes often look cloudy inside the iris.

Are you sure you are a summer?

I am a spring

Well, you have gotten here, aren't you proud? With spring, we have delicate, pretty colors that cannot be worn by the Autumn with the grace and class that you have. :::applause::::.

Best colors
Colors to avoid
milk chocolate brown
light blue
medium violet
clear red
pure white
dark colors
Underbrow (highlighter)
Eyeshadow Colors!
Apricot or
Golden brown
smoked blue
smoked turquoise
Lidbrownbrown or apricotblue or
smoked turquoise
smoked blue or aquagreen I was just typing this I was wondering why they recomended for people to have the same eyecolor as eyeshadow. Choose around, though, because this is ONE book. Just beware of your "guidelines."

Lipstick Colors: peach, coral, pink, red, and other clear and not too dark colors.
Avoid Lipstick colors: brown, black, purple

Rouge: warm pink, clear peach, coral

Foundation: a "yellow" base. Usually a light to dark peach color, or if you are very fair, a pure ivory. When you are shopping for foundation, most warm foundations are called: "natural," "ivory," "peach," "golden," or "copper."

Soo....? Wear your lipsticks without dark colors. Keep your eyes light and not closed in. Wear mascara without clumps (ewww). If you need to wear a brown lipstick, stick with golden-brown. Red will need to be clear, with no blue undertones. Don't wear burgundy or black on your lips! If you're feeling dancy, get some nice blue-violet on your lids.

Have fun!

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Well hello icy girl! Your colors are icy and true. (no tan fer you!). Let's get going with the wonderful color table. And another thing :::applause::: for a wonderful colors and a beautiful face.
Best colors Colors to Avoid
pure white
royal, true, and icy blue
Icy Aqua
Emerald Green
Light true green
light yellow
navy blue
icy pink
royal purple

Gray, plum
smoked blue
smoked navy
graygray, ash brown
mauveash green
ash bluesmoked turquoiseash green
or brown
Note: If you have deep set eyes (under eye circles, or not much of your lid shows, don't go very dark on these or your eyeliner, and for eyeliner don't make it thick and go all the way around your eye because it looks bad

Lipstick colors:burgundy, blue-reds, plum, clear red, ash brown
Avoid: orangish colors, red-browns, straight brown.

Rouge: rose, light burgundy

Foundation: it's important to stick to a foundation with a "rose undertone." If you have light skin and you pick a foundation that's called "natural beige," you will end up looking sallow. Instead, ask the person at the desk for a "cool" color for your skin color.

Pshaw! don't be so rude! Just kiddin. All that means that you:
A Don't wear colors like "tomato" and ESPECIALLY TAN.
B) Orange and most yellows, don't wear them on those lids.
C)Navy is a good color for you. hint hint, we're talkin eyeliner!
D)So is burgundy. Go all out of those lips!
E)Purple is good too, just don't wear violet. Also bluish red is nice.
Have oodles fo fun! Back to


Heylo pools of sunshine. :::warms up icy hands::::: You are a cool cat, with bold but splendid colors. I must congratulate you on your wonderful ways. :::applause:::: Let's get to work.

Colors to jump atColors to avoid
maroon, burgundy
lemon yellow
sky blue
bluish green
pure white
straight green

Eyeshadow colors!
LidAsh bluesmoked turqouisash brownmauve or plum

Lipstick: burgundy, plum, ash brown, clear red
Avoid: orange-reds, light pinks, red-browns

Rouge: rosy or if your cheeks are red, none at all

Foundation: noticeable pink undertones, something that blends really well

Soooooo..? So what? You get to wear some nice burgundy tones, but you don't need to go too dark because you've got it both ways. You can wear lavender or blue on your eyes, also cocoaish brown is nice. A green eyeliner could finish that touch. Your lips can be adorned with some wonderful stained raspberry or blue-red shades. Have fun!
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Don't you love crushing crackly autumn leaves? I do! Ahem. You have wonderful golden colors to go with your wonderful beauty let's get started. But first I must ::::applause::::.

Colors to grabColors to Avoid
dark tomato
creamy white
yellow green
deep periwinkle
dark brown
true red

Eyeshadow colors!
Underbrowbeige or apricotbeige or apricotbeigebeige
Creasebrown or
brownbrown or
muted green
brown or
smoked turqouise
LidBrown or
brown or

Lipstick colors:brick red, orangish red, coral, peach, rust, mocha, brownish shades.
Avoid: frosted shades, pink, purple, bluish reds.

Rouge: russet, ginger, tawny peach.

Foundation: ivory, peach, copper tones, and if you are fair, a natural ivory.

Mascara: black, brown, light brown, red or golden tones can appear.

Okay okay! Don't use grayish colors on your eyes. All sorts of browns will work for you though. Try golden brown, or just plain brown for eyeliner. Don't wear pink lipstick, but tomato or a lighter brown will work. Teal will work if you want to go crazy with eyeliner or mascara. Autumn colors just mean earthy tones, and stick with them. Have fun!! back to