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Sign Descriptions


Contents- Astrology, dream interpretation, lots of quizzes
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Astrology Signs, houses, planets and more
Contents- create your own natal chart, learn about the signs. Takes a little more work than other sites to create a natal chart, but you learn a lot more. Enjoy!
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Contents: If you need to know about planets, aspects, or anything like that, this is the place to go
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Contents- this site offers a lot of natal charts that come up right there after you enter your date of birth. Check it out, but it requires a password.
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Descriptions of each sign

Planets and their signs

The 12 houses

Planets and their signs


The 12 houses

The twelve houses describe the 12 areas of life in which everyone operates on a daily basis. You will learn how you are likely to react and handle each of these areas of life if you go to Astrology: signs, houses, planets and more. and construct a natal reading.

The first house
The first house is the house of the self as it deals with the physical person. It is the Rising Sign (ascendant), which is a filter lens through which is the Sun, the moon, and the planets come in play. The Ascendant distinguishes the different variables in disposition, temperament, and evn physical appearances of persons born on the same day, but at different times. You ascendant signs denotes the way you look at life. Often it's the impression of "you" that is perceived by those around you.

The second house
The second house relates to personal possesions and generald prosperity. It deals with your sense and values and how you view your security. Factors associated with the second house may show how you acquireand how you spend your material resources. The house may also relate to how important these assets are in your life.

The third house
The third house of the chart concerns your thought processes and how you relate to others in your formative world and the early environment and relationships. It deals with subjects such as: writing, news, communications, speech, and learning to deal with the world. Accordingly, it's associated with early education.

The fourth house
The fourth house is your base of operation, in a material sense, your home. In a more spiritual sense, this house relates to your soul. Psychological rootes, including family. It's associated with your home and property.

The fifth house
This house is the field of self expression. The area shoes effort put forth to distinguish yourself from others. It deals with romantic affairs, procreation, artistic endeavors, hobbies, and other personal achievements. It also relates to how you are entertained.

The sixth house
This house is related to work and health matters. Duties, practical responsibilities, and mundane tasks are affairs of this house, as are relations with peers. Your degree of interest in being healthy is also shown here.

The seventh house
The seventh house is the house of relationships. This house, relates to the other people with whom you enter close association. It is your social consciousness and cooperation...or lack of it.

The eighth house
This house is the house of needs and secrets. The house deals with the things that are not earned by you, but obtained through relationships. The eighth house relates to interest in mysteries of life.

The ninth house
This house is the house of travel, religeon, and philosophy, and other matters of profound mental interest. Also associated with this house are journeys to far off places and searches for new horizons, both physically and mentally.

The tenth house
This is the house of worldly attainment, such as: how you present yourself to the public at large, how you'll be remembered, and reputation.

The eleventh house
Associated with this house is friends, association, and ideals. It is the house of achievement towards goals and objectives, hopes and wishes.

The twelfth house
The twelfth house is all about the hidden, subconscious issues that go on in everyones lives. This area relates to behind the scene help, emotional problems, secrets, deceptions, and the problem areas to overcome. It gets away from the mainstream of life to take a look at the world.

Each sign's description

ARIES April 21-May 21-cardinal fire
Aries tend to be spontaneous, open, and to the point. They also can be self centered and willful. Still innocent, they go through the world with wonder. They seek attention to bolster their egos, and they know what value they have to offer. Self-doubt is poison to them.

Aries like to explore their limits, much like young children. They also have a strong desire to lead. They would much rather take action than engage in contemplation. At their best, Aries can be truly original and idealistic pioneers. Ruler-Mars Symbol-the ram

TAURUS April 21-May 21 Fixed Earth
Taureans show a great interest in physical matters, but also enjoy relaxation and comfort. They like being a part of a team, but must retain a large amount of individuality. Those who work with Taurus must realize the Taurus ways, they are very fixed on them. A joy for observing things, they have the best of interests for those around them.

Taureans do not crave constant activity like Aries. They hold a lot of power in their beliefs and therefore are greatly respected. Ruler-venus Symbol-the ram

Gemini May 22-June 21 mutable air
Gemini represents the need to integrate social but also to break away from an authority. Geminis are not rebellious, but just need personal freedom. They bore easily, and like to go in search of change and excitement. Usually Gemini has nervous energy to burn, and therefore are attracted to activities that give them a lift

They are often accused of being fickle, or even superficial, but in their mind, change is no sin. The importance of non-attachment is something that Gemini usually takes to heart. Ruler- Mercury Symbol-the twins

Cancer June 22-July 22 Cardinal Water
Cancer represents deep feeling, protectiveness, and the home. Cancers are not passive individuals. They can be quite aggresive in getting what they want, but often prefer not to make demands. They expect others to understand their needs, sensitivities, and diverse moods.

They are often very unique people that know what sets them apart from others. They have a talent for non-verbal expression that is reflected in the arrangement of their home. Regular activities must be private for them, in order to keep a psychological support so necessary the the Cancerian. Without this, Cancererians grow nervous and irritable. Ruler-the moon Symbol-the crab

Leo July 23-August 23 Fixed Fire
Leo represents radiant creative forces that light up the world around them. Leo likes to lead, and expects others to follow. They demand enjoyment, satisfaction, and harmony. Leos not only tend to operate on their own terms but generally display the strength to refuse anyone who is not acceptable.

Leos love to be admired, not only physically, but for the ideas they put forth into the world. The idea of being put on a pedestal does not bother them in the least. They will defend anyone they love to the last drop of blood. Ruler-the sun Symbol-the lion

Virgo August 24-September 22 Mutable Earth
Virgo represents the need of all life for a more systematic approach to the concerns of existence. They provide structure to life, and put a serious image on things to make a great contribution to personkind. They are very organized both physically and emotionally, and tend to take things literally.

They are very independent people, but tend to make silent demands, and expect others to meet them without words. They are full of wit and wordplay. Ruler-Mercury Symbol-the virgin

Libra September 23-October 22 Cardinal Air
Libra symbolizes the need for mature individuals to take their place in the world. They are perhaps the most socially involved of all signs, and love to state their own views. Being attractive is extremely important to Libras, and they are at theirbest when everything is lightweight and fun. They always want to be fair, and thus take the middle way.

Because Libras need to see both sides of a problem, they might procrastinate. They can be somewhat blind to other people's wishes and proceed on their own way. Ruler-Venus Symbol-the scales

Scorpio October 23-November 21 Fixed water
Scorpio represents the power of corresponding ability to direct andcontrol life around you. They are very defensive in nature, but they alsohave a far-seeing nature. They like being alone, and don't give in to superficial attitudes of glitter. The themes of death and rebirth play a dynamic part in their lives because they go through processes of transformation in their personality.

They must beware of tendencies toward self-destructive and overly controlling behavior and addiction. Ruler-Pluto Symbol-the Scorpion

Sagittarius November 22-December 21 Mutable Fire
Scorpio represents the growing philosophical outlook on the human spirit, and it's capacity to see the big picture. Many Sags go so far as to reject society's values in favor of a higher truth. A sags love of movement and travel is legendary, but when they find their groove, they can be very intent on staying in one place. Rarely bored, they constantlyseek ways they can express themselves.

They have very strong ethical princibles which include honesty and belief. They usually have a positive outlook on life, but too often get caught upin disputes due to their idealistic opinions. Ruler-Jupiter Symbol-the archer

Capricorn December 22-January 20 Cardinal Earth
Caps represent the serious outlook of maturity, but also how the individual relates to the universe. Caps tend to be conservative, but this does not always kep tem from seeking heights. They believe in working hard, and rarely give up. The ablility to get to the top and stay there is a characteristic of Capricorn.

They have an instinctive knowledge of power and how it works. Caps give the impression that they know what they are talking about, and know how to sway opinions. Ruler-Saturn Symbol-the goat

Aquarius January 21-February 19 Fixed Air
Aquarius symbolizes advanced thought which takes us out of our physical state. They bring truth and wisdom to the world. They are unpredictable, eccentric and erratic. They have much imagination, and like to have no boundaries. Joy is essential to the Aquarius personality. Often they are baffled by rejection, and mostly take an open attitude to life.

Some find Aquarians are too superficial in their approach to life, sizing up situations and reacting speedily. They often are attracted to profound, dark aspects of others that are less predominent in themselves. Ruler-Uranus Symbol-the water bearer

Pisces February 20-March 20 Mutable Water
Pisces represents the merging of the human soul with the cosmos, and symbolize a deep belief in the highest powers of the universe. They are deep, emotionally deep individuals. They are typed as dreamers. They are very sensitive, and can be prone to depression and deep emotions. Tending to be devotional, they make true believers.

They tend have excellent memories, and are highly empathetic and sensitive to the difficulties of others. They must beware that they musn't be taken advantage of. Ruler-Neptune Symbol-the fish