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Em's representatives

So you've come to learn about me? That's neat! This page is not your usual little "All about me" page, it's a little bit more eye-friendly. If you want to read about what each little animal/object/whatchamacallits name, representation, and where I adopted it from, it's on the side. I hope you enjoy adopting cool little things as much as I do, and this page has been fun for me to make because I get to find out what represents the different aspects of me, Emily Jean.
This be Physalie, and she be a merrrrrmaid. I found her off the port bow of Angel's Merbabe Adoption Agency. Physalie represents the world of laughter and play. I love to be silly, and Physalie is the main category of this silliness.
Yo, waz up! I'm Homie G Dorkasaurus, here from the city of Coolmen. Dork represents the side of everyone that yearns to be "cool," but winds up makin us all look like silly dorks. Dork has many friends in Coolmen, so you can snag some of those fine fellows.
The world was once all cookies, and Emily ruled them all, she was a cookie herself once. This cookie, called Snuppa, is a member of the only surviving clan of cookieheads. Snuppa represents the side of me that, well, likes cookies.
Doris came from the bagel machine. She represents the side of me that is very practical and (gasp!) healthy. Her format was created by the neatest thing, called the "bagel generator," where you can pick what kind of eyes, hair, shoes, etc. for her to have.
This is Wonkie, and he came from the Spinning Wheel. Wonkie represents me when I get a titch riled up. It doesn't happen often, but when it does...well....
This lovely moon-man,Clud was shipped off to my page by The moonman adoption agency. Clud represents the part of me that is always (for lack of a better phrase), up in the clouds.